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Recording  Artist | Discography

Larah Eksteen is a recording artist based in Cape Town South Africa. She has recorded, produced and mixed 4 solo albums up to date. These tracks have their origin in studios based in Johannesburg, London and Cape Town.

New album TAKE FOUR now available on Bandcamp. Click on icons below to download and stream.

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Larah I am crazy about your music. It feels like a whole new world opened up for me 

Colette Combrink

Editor, Annake Muller Publishing

Such talent Larah! So proud to know you!


Gareth Rees

CEO, Magnevane

I have listened to it and I absolutely love it! 
It is so nice to work to!
Danielle Solomons

Customer Relations Liaison, SA Weddings

I’m blown away by your album Larah

Charles Leonard


Congratulations on a stunning album Larah. I play it over and over

Theunis Engelbrecht

Author, Litnet


Not only is Larah a recording artist in her own right, but collaborates on a regular basis with many musicians worldwide. Below some noteworthy session work.

Vicky Sampson & RJ Benjamin, Love & Miracles

Jan Klose, In Tandem

Proverb, Red Tape

Donald Moatshe, Red Mic Experience

Cassette, Who do you trust

Translate, Wanderlust

Dear Reader, Replace why with funny

Ramona Falls,  Intuit

My Violent IdealsItai Tzarfati

Fokofpolisiekar, Swanegesang

Fuzigish, Roll with the punches

RJ Benjamin, Journey

Arno Carstens, Hello Goodbye Boys

Muse SQ, My Dance




If you’re looking for a session musician to lay down some strings and vocals on your music project or album please get in touch


It was an absolute treat to have met and spent time soaking up your musicality and brilliance.

You are a truly gifted musician Larah. You did an exeptional job today. Thank you for your beautiful energy.

Heinrich Frans

Producer, Recording Engineer, Bigphatvox